Retreat to reflect on the recent election cycle

Join us for a retreat to reflect together on the recent election cycle

Friday, February 3, 6 p.m., to noon on Sunday, February 5, 2017

Shalom Hill Farm, Windom, Minnesota 

The recent election cycle has caused a great deal of pain and revealed a great deal of pain that was already present before the election cycle began. People all over our society (and in each of our communities) are feeling not heard, not respected, not welcome. The social fabric has been revealed to be thin, frayed, torn. Reweaving is needed. There are many wounds, new and old; healing and reconciliation are needed. People who come to the retreat will be sharing their experiences about all of this, and exploring their ideas for how the reweaving, healing, reconciliation might begin. We pray that the spirit of John XXIII will be present among us: Let dialogue begin by seeking concordances, not differences.


A word about financial support for the retreat. The Ardes Shea Memorial Fund makes this retreat possible. Ardes died in May 2016. She had been a regular participant in Philosophy Camp (which is held at Shalom Hill Farm), spending a week each summer from 2003-2015, and for 40 years an active member and supporter of community organizations and events in her home community of Forest City, MN. The Ardes Shea Memorial Fund arose from her wish and passion and dream that: (a) more people would experience conversations in circles; (b) people would plant more trees; (c) people would listen more to children; and (d) homework would be about home.

Shalom Hill Farm is a modern retreat center about three hours from the Twin Cities near Windom, MN. Most rooms will accommodate two people in twin or double beds; linens and towels are provided. All meals will be provided. Please let John Wallace know your special dietary needs or preferences: 612-247-4903 or

Bring warm clothes. There are trails on acreage around the farm that can be suitable for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. There is also a sauna on the property.

Please let John Wallace know if you need driving directions to Shalom Hill Farm.

Cost: We are also asking that participants contribute to financial support for the retreat. We recognize the fact that people have different abilities to pay, and we are committed that the retreat be available to everyone regardless of ability to pay. $50 per person is a little less than half of the cost of the retreat. We are hoping that contributions from participants will add up to an average of $50 per person. You are welcome to pay less than $50, or more. Any excess of contributions over the half-cost of the retreat will be added to the Ardes Shea Memorial Fund and used to provide support for Ardes’s dream.

Payment by cash, check, or credit card will be accepted at the retreat.

Author: Lynn

Contributor of ideas and possibilities for cooperative governance, education, and society; maker, mother, daughter, life partner; lifelong learner.